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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Chapter 5

*Author’s Note: This is supposed to be taking place this (2011-2012) season—or after really—but for the sake of the story’s plot and the fact that I’m afraid I’ll jinx my team… I made up the season’s outcomes and such*

Jasmine bounced up and down on the tiptoes of her feet, a nervous habit of hers.  Never in a million years did she imagine herself in this position—again.

“So what, are you stalking me or something?” Tyler Seguin accused.

She couldn’t hold back as she let out a laugh, “Oh please, I’m here visiting a friend,” she said, eying her nails as if he was wasting her time.

Which he was.

“Oh, a friend?” his hands made air quotes.  Tyler stepped to the side and leaned against the nearby brick building.  “I don’t know, who’s to say you haven’t been roaming the streets hoping to run into me?”  He grinned and winked at her.

“You’re right,” Jasmine said guilty, she tried to keep a straight face when he cocked an eyebrow at her confession.  “I’ve been walking around Brampton just praying I’d see you.  You just swept me off my feet in the five seconds we spent together what seems like forever ago,”

Tyler leaned in close.

Holy shit, is he actually buying this?!?

“I’m just surprised though, I expected you home in April,” Jasmine said, tapping her finger on her chin thoughtfully.  “Then again, who knew the Rangers were going to fuck it up in overtime and get a penalty that would void the game winning goal.  I mean that is how ya’ll got into the playoffs, right?”

It took Tyler the dig she was making at him and the Bruins.  His face fell immediately and Jasmine couldn’t help but laugh.  She turned on her heel and continued on her merry way—and for the second time leaving Tyler in the dust, alone and gawking after her.


“He’s tall, tan, hot body—he must’ve been an athlete,” she squealed through the phone.  “He’s got a southern charm that you’ll just love—“

“He’s from Canada—how southern could he be?”

“God you are such a pain!  Anyway!  He likes to play golf…”

Nicole rattled on about Steve, the blind date she had set up for Jasmine.  He worked in management at the headquarters of a local car company—the whole reason why Nicole and Eric had made the move to Canada.

Jasmine had zoned out of the conversation, but she heard something about a club and drinks after.  She was able to tune back to her friend in time to hear her question, “So how does 7 sound?”

“7 it is!” she answered with fake enthusiasm.

Nicole didn’t let her slide, “Great!  Dress nice!  Oh and Jasmine, leave the sarcasm at home tonight, mk hun?”


She was perched on a breakfast bar stool (which she happened to pick out) in the kitchen, nursing a glass of wine when the doorbell rang.  Jasmine took a deep breath when Eric went to answer it, and did her best to ignore the rather happy expression plastered on Nicole’s face.

“Will you cool it?” she snapped, glaring at Nicole’s finger nails tapping on the counter.

Nicole was about to say something, probably something Jasmine wouldn’t have liked, but was cut off by her husband.

Eric cleared his throat, “Ladies, this is Steve.  Steve this is my wife Nicole,” the two shook hands.  “And this is Jasmine, one of our good friends from Boston,”

Steve walked around the counter and stopped just a foot or two from Jasmine, holding out his hand.  “Pleased to finally meet you, I’ve heard so much about you,” he grinned.

Oh. My. Damn.

Tall, dark and handsome, Nicole wasn’t exaggerating the slightest bit. 

His sharp jaw line and perfectly straight white teeth flooded her vision and his deep voice filled her ears.  His blonde hair and blue eyes did wonders against his golden brown skin.  A pair of black jeans hung on his hips and was paired a baby blue button up shirt.  His sleeves were rolled up and a couple buttons left open, revealing a bit of chest hair.

Jasmine placed her hands in his, meeting his gaze.  “Likewise,” she beamed.

“Want a beer?” Eric interrupted their staring contest, leading Steve out to the cooler on the back deck.

“Holy shit,” Jasmine breathed in.  “Can I keep him?”

As my sex slave, she thought to herself.

Nicole giggled with pride and winked.  “You can thank me now,” 

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  1. Oh she is such a bitch, but not in that I hate her I hope she dies way, you know the she's such a bamf I admire her.

    Oh she is so cruel, women like her can destroy a man's ego.

    Please update soon...update any of your stories.